Bandage Me Up, Bandage Me Down

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If anyone can carry off bandage skirts, these two ladies can. Kangana dressed hers up by pairing the skirt with a one-shouldered silk top and Bipasha played hers down by adding tights and a casual tee to hers.

Of the two though, this time around, Bipasha gets our vote. She may have a eighties vibe going on, but look good she does.

What is that black satin sash/belt that Kangana chose to pair her skirt with? Look closely and you’ll see it right above the skirt. Was that an attempt to give the skirt an even higher-waisted look? Either way, it didn’t work and stuck out real bad.

P.S: We think the ladies are in BCBG bandage skirts.
Update: The ladies are in BEBE. Thanks Myra.


Left: Kangana Ranaut At People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful‘ Bash
Right: Bipasha Basu Arrives At IIFA Awards 2010 Colombo


Photo Credit: IIFA Facebook, Viral Bhayani

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  1. Both look pretty bad..sorry but that gray bandage dress (which methinks is from herve leger) looks way more pretty on its own rather than being drowned in too many cover ups! kangana looks messy – a lighter coloured top could maybe have saved her !!

  2. I have to disagree. I think Kangana pulls it off beautifully and the sash does not take anything away from the look.
    I just thoroughly dislike tights paired with skirts, so maybe that’s why Bipasha’s look is such a no-no for me.

  3. Kangana totally works her look, but those shoes – ewww – so not working it! Bipasha could have definitely ditched those tights!

  4. Wow hands down Bips takes this one. Love her look. Kangana’s – bleh. That belt thing and her hair and it’s just not working for me at all.

  5. I liked that skirt until now…
    I really hope Bips is wearing those tights because she was travelling
    Kangana’s top looks like a wrapped stole. Ugh.

  6. I think Bips is looking good here after a loong time! She always appears to be trying too hard or looks too tweeny! Here she looks effortlessly fab! Like!

  7. Hey, Kanganas top is BEBE and the black satin sash is actually part of the top.. although I have to agree it could have been done without!!!


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