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Wearing a gold-tone Dior dress, Kalyani attended a recent soirée in Delhi. With her hair up, a strong red lip, Dior clutch and strappy sandals finished out the look.

That shade of metallic gold works wonderfully on her; Kalyani looked great!

Kalyani Saha Chawla In Dior Pre-Fall 2014 At Hello! Magazine's Anniversary Do

Kalyani Saha Chawla At Hello! Magazine’s Anniversary Do

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  1. I will be interested in reading other comments. I don’t like this dress. I feel the sleeves are off. It looks good on the model with the styling, but it’s not working otherwise.

  2. Nah… dress is terrible. Neck up she looks good though.
    In my opinion, any dress that squishes and flattens the breasts (example: a jogging bra) is to be stayed away from, Dior or not.

  3. The colour looks great on her, but I don’t like the dress at all. Neck up she looks gorgeous, her hair and makeup are flawless. I like her jewellery and bag, I don’t like the shoes.

  4. Kalyani did look great but then she would irrespective of what she was wearing. That dress looks stiff and armour-like. The Dior collection has some very odd silhouettes this time.

  5. Its a great dress for someone with a more androgynous, more youthful frame- a la Kangana or Kriti Sanon. Its not working on a mature buxom beauty.

  6. While the Dior works amazing on the model, it looks like a shiny sack on Kalyani. She looks ridiculous with her boobies being flattened out. Ha!

  7. i don’t like this dress at all. It’s really not flattering on Kalyani. She looks lovely neck up. I like her lipstick colour!

  8. I love the dress on the model but it’s such a bad fit on Kalyani! It’s hurting my eyes! This dress is not a good design for her body shape.


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