Kalki on Elle:(Un)Covered

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Kalki does color on the cover of Elle in Chanel, Levi’s and Choos. You like?


Left: Chanel, Spring 2013
Right: Kalki Koechlin on Elle April 2013

Photo Credit: Elle

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  1. To all the fashion mags- when can we have an Irina Shayk cover?? do a summer cover with her. would love to see how she would be styled here.

  2. someone do a vintage photo spread with Kalki– as Brigitte Bardot she’ll totally pull it off, especially with that pout. Do one classic pic as Goldie Hawn (where she’s in a soup bowl) in the film ‘There’s a girl in my soup’. And also add in Britt Ekland’s look- from ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. seeing this Kalki cover made me say all this stuff, the cover is goood!

    • in continuation with the vintage thing, Kalki can do an Edie Sedgwick, and an Andy Warhol too- (like Cate Blanchett did a Bob Dylan in ‘I am not there’) that girl is a chameleon i tell you.. ..would loove to see this kind of a shoot; is anybody listening?


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