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Kajol attended the launch of jewellery store that she endorses wearing a Punit Balana anarkali. She looked lovely.

Print feel a bit familiar? It’s cuz we saw Janhvi wear a sharara version featuring it.


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  1. The oil spill of Kalank promotions has clouded my sight for all these suits. She looks good but she couldn’t escape those earrings at the launch of the store.

  2. Joy Allukas jewelery is so ugly, even Kajol cannot save it. My reaction to this picture was “wow she looks so beautiful, yuck what is that thing on her hand”

  3. If I was a celebrity I wouldn’t like to seen in same print as the next person the next day. I feel like recycling of limited designers and brands when there are 100s of them out there is the problem. It seems like India has 6 designers with 3 designs each.
    Where has the variety gone.
    Comig to Kajol, she looks radiant but I would never buy that suit if I came across it for the tag it comes for.

    • That is because they don’t buy these clothes, they wear the clothes whoever designer is lending them free. There are 100s of designers in India who don’t give free clothes to celebs, that is why we don’t see them on fashion blogs. This HHC is not really a fashion blog, it’s just Bollywood celeb spotting site, just some discussion on that particular post.

      • Fair point!
        I wish we did have a segment to recognize fashion and designers as well in addition to bolly reporting. HHC can be the perfect platform for it.

      • You know, a long time ago, P&P used to really write about fashion. Real fashion. In the old old days. Mix of a little Indian and a little western. Indian was very nascent. Pre-sonam era. Then one day a post on Kareena kapoor showed up, and the rest was history.

  4. Punit Balana buys raw materials in bulk!!! So we would get to see same version of the fabric in as many designs possible..(anarkalis,sharara,saree..etc)

    • This is such a great point! Like how is it designer to have the same print in like 10 different forms?? I do like Punit Balana more than other Indian designer wear but still…it’s just lazy.

  5. If you look closely the print is upside down in some places, seems like a error made when stitching the Kalis together. For a designer outfit doesn’t seem like that they didn’t pay attention simple details that a regular tailor would.


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