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With the sari being so eye-catchy already, wish Kajol had worn a non-lace blouse so as to not clash with it. Apart from that, we thought she looked good. You?

Catch more pics from the premiere Here.


Kajol at ‘My Name is Khan’ Abu Dhabi Premiere

Photo Credit: Masala

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  1. For some reason, she always looks the same to me. Same hairstyle, same style of clothes. I wish she would change it up a little. I know she’s a mom and a little older, but it would be nice to see something different.
    Apart from that, here she looks her good old self.

  2. she looks fine neck up- the saree is a complete mess. black and red with blue flowers? who on earth thought of that hideous design..and then the lace blouse? terrible…

  3. i like the saree too..and love the blue snow flakes…and also wish the lace blouse was blue color.she has kept the accessories minimal and hair sleek. looks good! anyways, why has she been wearing red and black for every other event of MNIK ??

  4. Well I think for some reason she still makes it work….its a simple sari and I actually think the lacy blouse gives it a very sexy touch to the whole scheme of things…..a plain black blouse in my opinion would have made the sari look bland.

    • there is no doubt that MM and KJO style her look and the clothes are free. not sure she keeps them. But she is one of those actresses who could not be bothered. If MM did not style her clothes, she would show up to the premier in jeans and a kurta. She looks wonderful, love her make up

  5. Never got the love for Kajol – as an actress or otherwise. She’s definitely frumpier than the usual HHC fave (I use the word sarcastically!) – Vidya Balan. And all the styling notwithstanding she is quite frumpy here.

  6. Kajol has created her own niche style with border saris, huge earrings, staright hair.. here she just continues the same look,, the color suits her, everything else is just the usual..

  7. I am no expert, but the sari looks absolutely fabulous on her! And, I was not going to pick on marginal issues like whether her blouse, or her hair style or even her make up was perfect or not; instead, I looked at the “total package”, and frankly speaking, I was amazed as she looked simply stunning. Whoever helped her with the styling, did a good job.


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