In Twos: Part Deux

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Kajal donned belted checked dresses to two different promotional events for Do Lafzon Ki Kahani wearing the Bungalow 8 one with Gucci t-strap sandals and the Burberry one with H&M sneakers.

While she looked nice in both, prefer one over the other?


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I’m gonna hate on the Burberry just cos of the white sneakers. :) Naah she looks great in both outfits, happy to ignore the sneaks.

      • Agreed. I think what matters is the poise and originality which is genuinely reflected in her demeanour.
        And what can one say about Genelia-she slays with her smile all the time! <3 I don't care about the clothes.She is wayy more pretty than any of the reigning Btown's self-proclaimed queens and desperate fashionistas.

  2. What a pretty face, height & body. <3 She looks awesome as always. Like her in both the looks. The first look a little bit more. This is how you do casual and not try hard. The try hards like Jacqueline who seems to appear always with teen clothes and tweensy posing can learn a thing or two about clothes and also about posing from her.

    • Ditto! :) Nothing appears contrived here. Kajal has that innate, endearing sweetness about her. In case of Jacky, I want to like her but I can’t seem to digest her toothpaste type forced smiles and tweensy gestures and poses. I think you and me, we both have that peeve ;) :P

      • Yes, agreed. For me, smile is the best accessory one can wear. But the forced poses and fake grins ruins any look even if it is good. Plus I am biased when it comes to Kajal because I have seen her many times off screen and she is always so well put together (sans photoshop :D) like a Starlet(but not OTT or forced “fierce”) and also the body language which seems at ease and natural.


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