Again and Again. And Again.

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Seems like someone heard us and changed it up. That is, if you count wearing a different brooch as a change. ;)

You can catch the sequin Chanel on Padmini here.


Kahkashan Patel
Left: Watson Fitness Launch, March 2008
Center: Neeta Lulla Fashion Show, March 2008
Right: Sajid Nadiadwala’s Bash, Feb 2009

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  1. P& P
    I would like to give u one suggestion to make ur site more interesting…..U should start choosing the best & and the most interesting comment out of all….and giev some brownie points
    like in this one…I like what malini wrote….

  2. arent socialites supposed to be rich?
    why is it that she has the same bag and shoes that she had a year ago.. im sure u cant buy 2 of the same item in the same colour/style LOL.

    has recession hit her badly?

  3. now thats funny. I remember reading abt her in vogue india…her claim to typespace being the 500 pairs of shoes she owns. repotedly, her shoe closet is quite a sight…complete with mirrored shelves and hidden soft lighting. how come then, she is wearing the same shoes for a year?!??!?!

  4. I truly need your help guys, wearing a tight dress like this with highheel and red long nails, how can you walk with confident without feeling trashy, the same apply to Malika as well, I just want to knwo how they can do it, because if I wear something like this and enter a room and people start stairing at me, I would probably trip and fall flat on my face, or constantly cross my arms or pull the table cloth over my tighs to cover myself

  5. deb’s ==
    yes you’re right, even i read that. too too funny this is. maybe becoz of recession she’s trying to maximize use of this shoe and the insane amount she must have spent on it hehe ;)


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