Jyothsna on Adorn:(Un)Covered

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This month’s Adorn features Jyothsna in an all-white spread. Below is your first look.

Jyothsna Chakravarthy on Adorn (In Obataimu With Jewellery by Sutra)

Left: James Ferreira and Zara Jacket With Jewellery by Aryam
Right: Gown By Armaan by Sunaina Puri With Zara Waistcoat and Jewellery By YS18

Left: In Jatin Varma With Jewellery by Aryam
Right: Armaan by Sunaina Puri With Jewellery by YS18

In Obataimu With Jewellery by Sutra

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  1. Granted this is a fashion blog, but the lady is gorgeous, and she was a software designer until she entered the fashion industry.

    • ok,so she is a software designer. One needs talent and not web design or testing skills to model. So unless she was competing in” I am she” or Miss India… education doesn’t matter.
      She is gorgeous none the less.
      There is a fresh face every three seconds in the fashion industry and the career of a model is pretty short. Good she has her engineering degree to fall back to.

  2. Seriously HOT girl ! Why did she have to ruin it with a duckface in some photos? And uuuuuuuuuuggggggggggglllllllyyyyyyyyyyy jewels.

  3. dead!!!The model has beauty but is dead in her facial expressions …….and the jewelry is horrible!
    the off white background with the same pallet is drab! black or ever stark white would have popped.

    • The model looks like she had given up on making any effort in the shoot for being put that horribly one dimensional color scheme.
      I’ve seen the other Adorn issues….same style. OLD and outdated!


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