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At Pasanga 2 audio launch, Jyothika kept it simple wearing a kasavu sari with a ganesh pendant necklace and matching jhumkis. They say, there is beauty in simplicity and this was a classic example of it. We loved.

Now, before you die-hard fans kill me for cutting out Surya, there is a pic inside of the couple just for you! :P


Jyothika at Pasanga 2 Audio Launch


Jyothika & Surya at Pasanga 2 Audio Launch

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  1. She doesn’t know how to match her saree with the jewelry – looks too much and she should have tied her hair, more like a bun with jasmine flowers!

  2. This isn’t simple, maybe the saree is simple but there is way too much jewellery going on. Should have skipped the earrings. Wish she also had a clutch or something, the phone carrying takes away from the elegance.

  3. Hm I think the jewelry and saree don’t go well together. Kasavu sari by itself looks nice, not paired with this jewelry though.The best part about this look is hands down Surya who cares about what she is wearing or not. ;)

  4. I take on board what people are saying about the jewellery overload , but this is pretty normal for Tamil nadu – occasion wear is accessorised by a necklace and earrings and bangles. Leaving the neck bare may be the latest fashion but is traditionally seen as inauspicious.

    • Eh but there’s a difference between wearing random jewellery that doesn’t match and jewellery that would. Jhumkis would have looked lovely, and a necklace that went with it. I agree with previous comments that hair up would have showcased the necklace better too.

      • Yeah agreed. That is what most of us are saying, this look like random jewelry thrown together which does not match each other or the Sari.


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