In Peppermint Diva

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At Preity and Gene’s wedding receptions, Juhi was seen in a Peppermint Diva lehenga paired with Diti and Amisha earrings and a ring from Yoube Jewellery. Between the color combo and that snug fit on the bust, I really wasn’t a fan.

Did you like her lehenga?


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  1. The only time in recent history that I liked Juhi’s outfits were when she was promoting Gulab Gang. Usually her smile and charm saves the outfit but this is just ok.

  2. Sad outfit and sadder still that she’s messed with her face and hasn’t fixed it. The fillers prevent her previously lovely smile from blossoming.

  3. Has no one told Juhi yet that this is the mid-2010s, not mid-1980s?!

    Seriously, I can’t remember a single time I have ever liked anything she wore. Ever. I wonder what goes through her mind leaving her house in this outfit with the hip length top, boring colors and embroidery? Is she completely clueless at what others are wearing or does she not care?


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