Fab Or Drab?

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There’s nothing new about the silhouette on Malaika but have to say the color looks great against her skin-tone… So, does this look get a ‘Fab’ or ‘Drab’ from you?


Malaika Arora Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The color is good but the dress is plain awful. The belt looks like some surgical contraption.
    I do like her less-makeup look and that her hair is pushed back.

  2. is this Manish Malhotra ?
    & I agree Manish Malhotra designed a yellow dress like this for Dostana in the song “Khabar Nahin” for Priyanka.

  3. I love the color and cut .. but i just don’t like that huge belt. It doesn’t go with the outfit at all.. I’m so over seeing Malaika dressed like she’s 21 .. she’s a mother – she needs to dress accordingly!

  4. …am I the only one who thinks that Indian photographers need to invest in better cameras (or Indian venues need to invest in better lighting) because after all of those pics of Frieda…there is definitely a difference

  5. Pdaervo, I agree with you, the same pics taken on the red carpet by the other photographers in both the Cannes and the Oscars, have our Indian stars look sooo much more flattering. Its the lighting, we just dont seem to get it right and then we go and photoshop

  6. me thinks the dress is ruining the entire look. Everything else is good though i am not such a great fan of hers. Howevr, once, just once i would like to see Malaika dress her age , and dress simple.Really!!

  7. i agree with FARAH and akaa..
    she needs to wear something suitable for her age.. i agree she has a hot bod but she needs to cover it up more. i dont think ive EVER seen her wear jeans/pants more than once or so lol.

    its true less is more.. but not in ur case malaika lol.

  8. I dooono why people are after her age and being a mother ..she dresses quite well ..one of the few people in India who have looked good 99% of time in last 15 years …


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