Vision In White?

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At a recent store launch, spotted Lara in her YSL sandals… So did Lara decide to keep the YSL Tribute Sandals from her MW Magazine shoot or were they her own to begin with? Either way, other than those absolutely fab shoes, there was nothing else exciting about this look…


Lara Dutta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I saw this trend of dark nail polish during Oscar award too and didn’t like it, I think shinny sandles are meant to be woren with neutural nail polish colors and not red or orange or black

  2. Love the neck on the dress – and the awesome way it plays up Lara’s hair, too….Lara looks really yummy here – I’m crushing on her! And I speak as a (mostly) straight woman…

  3. I think Lara dresses fabulously! The best thing about her and people who dress well in general, are that their clothes don’t wear them. I don’t know if its her personality or sense of style, but she always looks fresh and well dressed!

  4. Ooh, she does look amazing. Her make up and hairstyle look really nice.. She does wear white well.. But I do hate the shoes.. shiny shoes are just not my thing..

  5. those shoes are nice on their own, but i think they clash with the dress. the dress is very dainty, delicate type, and the shoes have a dominating personality. i almost want to use the word sporty. the dress and shoes dont gel well together. her hair is looking nice though.

  6. i don’t like those shoes at all!
    she looks really nice, n i like how the rose print on her clutch complements the rose work on her dress…nice!

  7. @ Mad Momma….. no u r not the only one…i dont like the shoes one bit here…so chamak chalo types…too much blingy silver for my liking….

  8. I think the shoes went a bit mis match…. i would say that about the clutch as well…. but ok… its cute but not special. Other than all that…. i think she looked gr8


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