A Bit Much

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Speaking of ‘match-much’ did our very own Jumping Jack jump into a vat of dye? The shirt, the denims, the belt and the shoes…WTHey! (We don’t like to rat on the older folks but how could we pass this up?)



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I didn’t know men his age cared to look cool to the point that they tug half of their shirt inside their pants and half out, he is so trying to be cool that it kind of makes him funny and cute at the same time, mobile on the hand, hair geled up and half of the shirt tugged in ..very dangerous man

  2. Awwwww!!! Jeetu Uncle. :D If the Dark Knight was being remade in BW, I’d love to dress him up as the Joker. He’s sooooo cute, seriously!

  3. I dint even get to his clothes… i was scared away by his face… No offense, i do not like to comment on people.. but am i only one to whom he looks like a DRACULA!!!!!
    I mean seriously have u seen a DRACULA movie this is how they look… the extremely white face, the eyes and the red lips… I’m SCARED!!!!!!!!!

    On an aside note does he dye his hair or wat??? if he does he should quit its the face that shows ur age no matter wat color ur hair is…


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