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Teaming a Madison mini with a Versace graphic tee, Janhvi filmed a television show recently. Wearing her hair down, the actor rounded out her look with jewelry from Lune and pair of colorful, strappy Christian Louboutin sandals. She made the separates work!

Janhvi Kapoor On Vogue BFFs Sets

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Really? It’s strange, I want to like the girls style for some reason I really want to like the girls style (probably because I am a huge fan of her mother!) but I mostly end up not liking her. Somehow I get the feeling that she doesn’t own what she wears and it takes the fun away from her looks. A look like this should technically work on her but somehow doesn’t. Don’t wish to compare the sisters but so far at least Kushi seems to come across as more confident or she owns her looks which makes her looks work better for her than jhanvi.

    • She has a very traditionally Indian face/beauty, that we are accustomed to see dressed in Indian clothes. Her beauty is mature, not cute, hence the dissonance. She would look great in a dior suit. But really she is a young kid having fun, its all good.

  2. Like! So much better than her curated looks. She looks fun and age appropriate.
    Those heels though, how does one walk in them? Practice?

  3. I like when I see the Kapoor girls like this. It appeals to the early 2000s me reading Seventeen and Teen Vogue and picturing cool girls dressed like this. It’s very Rachel McAdams circa Mean Girls. I know the Kapoor girls (all 6+of them) aren’t the kind to give homage to niche sub cultural moments. But it gives me a tiny amount of joy to see shiny mini skirts paired with white tees and colourful strappy sandals. Look Mama! I am a Seventeen magazine writer!


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