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Janhvi attended the Lions Gold Awards on Thursday evening wearing an instantly recognizable Anamika Khanna. At first glance itself, the outfit felt a incomplete and my hunch was confirmed after referring to the runway image.

I much prefer the original version and wish she’d worn the black halter top as well. Without it, the whole crop top minus cape/dupatta felt too formulaic.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Anamika Khanna is not what she used to be.
    This outfit is plain ridiculous, with or without the halter top. Enough of riding on past glory, it’s time to call it for what it is – over-the-top, uncohesive, and costume-y. Had any other designer produced this, it would have been an out and out wheyy!

    • Yeah. Anamika Khanna had a great run but something’s not right with her anymore. I’d add Gauri and Nainika too. Kinda strange these creative fields are. Sometimes people come up with such great ideas but over time the creativity disappears. For instance, several years ago Surendri burst into the scene with a fresh, fun approach, but never to be seen again. Hope they get their mojo back ..

  2. I’m sorry but that outfit isn’t salvageable even on the runway.
    It’s a mish mash of faces and neon colours in an outfit that makes little sense.

    It’s a no either way. I get the need for Anamika to always be quirky, but sometimes that quirky needs to translate to something too.
    As is, this is a suit trouser, with a full slit skirt (complimented with neon panels), with a crop top, with a bodysuitesque black halterneck, & all of that accompanied with a bunch of faces on it.

  3. There is no way she could have worn the complete outfit. It would have interfered greatly with her love of sporting sports bras as cholis.

  4. What’s up with the cakey makeup and awful styling. Jhanvi has gone from having an aura about her to one of the desperate wannabes. She does garish makeup, and wears hideous outfits (as someone hilariously pointed out) mistakes sports bras for cholis.
    She looks so unsure about herself in the last picture…I wonder if she really has the personality to survive in Bollywood. Step back, go easy on the makeup or learn how to be more age-appropriate and dress less fussily. She has so many contemporaries – Alia Bhatt did youthful very nicely and now Sara is owning it. I get that Jhanvi is very young and has lost her mentor and rudder, but she has encouragement and so much support. I wish someone intervened!
    As for AK: I think her work is exquisite and her embroidery doesn’t photograph well. Atleast this outfit is better than those misshapen, complicated outfits with capes and jackets that you didn’t understand where they started and ended.
    Rant over.

  5. Au contraire, I like this whole look. Sophisticated, modern with a hint of edgy. Especially, love the jewelry.

    But I have to concede that this feels like deja vu after the older Kapoor sisters’ AK outings.

  6. Ugh! Garbage outfit! Janhvi if you or your stylist are reading this- you are young & it’s ok to take chances until you figure out your own style. Go through it with that intention . You are a beautiful girl & need to figure out what your personal style is & then own it & have fun with it.

    This kind of dressing definitely isn’t.


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