Vision In White?

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Between the oddly placed sash and the odd-fitting bustier under the lace, there wasn’t much love left for this white gown that Jacqueline chose to wear at the premiere of Housefull 2 in Singapore.

Vision in white, she was not.

Jacqueline Fernandez at Housefull 2 Premiere in Singapore

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  1. This is not a gown. It’s a Sri lankan national dress. I just saw her interview. Nevertheless the cups are visible, that shouldn’t happen.

  2. I think this girl is stunning. If she is wearing her national dress then you shouldn’t be putting her down for the design. That’s wrong.

  3. this 80’s dress/ lamp shade is a NO ,it has a very ill fitting . I dont like the hair, her forehead hair line is so black from threading ,her small forehead gets bigger and more weird every day ,like some one sprayed it with paint . I wish she wore something simple like Asin and wore the hair a bit better .

  4. I like the first pic tho. Where I can’t see the odd bits. Girlfriend almost pulls this off.
    *goes off to google Sri Lankan national dress*


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