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We already told you about how we spotted a lot of Indian designers on Jacqueline’s character Shaina in Kick. Thanks to her stylist Tanya Ghavri, we can now show you each one, in case you didn’t see the movie yet. In addition to sporting Indian, Jacqueline also sports a few Victoria Beckhams, Dolce & Gabbanas too.

Catch all of her looks inside and tell us how you liked her styling…

P.S. Catch her Julien Macdonald here and Dolce & Gabbana one here.


In Nikasha


In Anand Kabra With Eina Ahluwalia Haathphool


In Shehlaa


In Anupamaa


In Dolce & Gabbana


In Victoria Beckham


In Gucci and Burberry

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  1. Yay for Indian designers ! They were somehow my favourites in the above line up. Scrolling down i liked the colours, loser silhouettes and the delicate elegance and then it came to stiff boring tailored looks by western designers.

  2. She looks good, but what’s with that fake plait in the first pic? Looks terrible.
    So much emphasis and money spent on fancy clothes… I wish the directors would spend it on sending their cast to acting school first!

  3. Thank you Tanya Ghavri and P&P! This is such a super idea, first of its kind to cover a heroine’s look in a film. I hope more follow.
    I love all the D&G looks as well the the gorgeous Anand Kabra. And JF looks uniformly gorgeous.

  4. I like all the looks but is it just me or does it look like her clothes are different but her styling in all the pics is extremely monotonous.

  5. I watched the movie to other day and I absolutely loved all the clothes she wore in it. I loved her in Shehlaa the most but Jacqueline’s the type who can wear anything and look amazing.

  6. I absolutely love her looks in the movie and my favourites are the Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria Beckham ones .Great job Tanya Ghavri :)

  7. Jacqueline looks great in all her pictures. I like the Anand Kabra suit a lot, it’s simple but has a very interesting style. Also, love the Gucci and Burberry dresses.

  8. Is her jewelry traditional in the first pic? It’s very pretty.

    She’s a beautiful girl and she can carry anything but it’s nice to see her doing both flowy and streamlined.

  9. I was waiting for this post :). Jacqueline in KICK is one of the best-dressed onscreen heroines Bollywood has seen in recent times. And thanks to HHC and you girls, I could actually ID a couple of her dresses/accessories while at the screening … it gave me a KICK ;). I spotted the Anand Kabra, the Eina Ahluwalia Haathphool, the D&G lace dresses, one of the Anupamaa, the Corto Moltedo clutch.


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