A Face Off!

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Both chose to wear black saris with gold borders. One sari was in silk, the other in cotton. One glammed it up with some statement jewelry, the other went very organic by keepting it minimal and pairing it with a batua. Both, very attractive women.

Question is, who came out on top this time?

Sunita Rao
Nandita Das

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  1. i think both have their own charm.. tho nanditas look is soo minimal, it works because of her charm.. i love raos necklace.. so for me this is soo divided!

  2. Nandita looks so much better. For once she’s made a sari work in her favour. All the colours come together so well. I like the mango colour blouse with the black sari and gold batua.

  3. I have Nandita’s saree! It’s a Maheshwari… I was toying with the idea of an innovative black blouse since gold would have been too OTT but, now, hmmm…

  4. sunita sunita sunita. she looks like a celeb. nandita could be one of us standing there. as a matter of fact i have a similiar saree and batua.

  5. Nandita’s sari looks like one of those that grannies in south India would wear( look good in them). And I dont dig the transparecy at all! It makes the blouse look odd underneath, as if it wasnt fitted properly. Maybe it would have looked better if she had gone for a blouse with a plain front rather than the one with cups.

  6. Both of them. Although, here in the picture Nandita looks better as she is photographed well.
    Otherwise both are dress equally well.


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