It’s Giveaway Time!

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This giveaway is closed. We will be notifying the winners soon!


It’s Friday and what’s better than it being the start of the weekend: a chance to win something for yourself!

Up for grabs are 15 T-shirts from Freecultr. With their Freecultr Express line, the brand now allows you to create your own tee store where you can upload your custom design, be it a print or a photograph, on to the site and also earn part of the money from the sale.

Ready to get your hands on some of the fabulous designs created by your peers?


– To get your hands on one of the 15 t-shirts worth Rs. 650 from Freecultr, tell us the price of any one of the tees featured above. Your hint is here.
– Also tell us one of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series. Your hint is here.
– Leave your answer to the questions above in the comments sections here. Please do not email answers. We won’t consider your entry if you leave links.
– We also have a parallel giveaway running on Instagram to win vouchers worth Rs 200. Check it out here!
– Comments will be approved after the deadline. You will get a choice of size of the tee but not on the design.


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  1. The price of the Crimemaster Gogo t-shirt is Rs.400 and one of the participants featured is Jeeveshu Ahluwalia. And thank you for this! I didn’t know about Freecultr but I’m going there now!!

  2. Price of the Crime Master tee is Rs. 400 & One of the participants featured in #ExpressYourStory is Abhishek Bhatiya. He is the member of Circus, an alternative Rock Brand from Delhi. He is One of the finalists of Channel V Launchpad, this amazingly talented group has a huge fan following.

  3. For the first time in a long time I see a giveaway that is not just for India residents. Yet am having a hard time believing it! ;)

  4. The answers for the questions are:
    The first tshirt is Rs 549
    The #ExpressYourStory series is: Shaifali Singh

    Hope I win!!! xxx

  5. – The price of the ‘Crime Master Gogo’ shirt is Rs. 400
    – One of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series is Anil Kumar Mandal

  6. Price of the middle white t-shirt – crime master gogo – is = INR 400

    Name of featured participant = Parikrama

  7. Price of any one of the tees :Rs. 400 (Crime master Tee)
    One of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series: Marry (NGO)

  8. yellow one cost INR 549, One of the participant to #ExpressYourStory is Shaifali Singh from sadee Dilli. liked on FB anyways

  9. – price of any one of the tees featured above: Crime Master Gogo shirt RS. 400
    – one of the participants featured in their #ExpressYourStory series: Shaifali Singh