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Didn’t quite like this outfit when we first spotted it on Ishita at a premiere… like it much less now that we see it again!


Ishita Arun
Left: At ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Premiere
Right: At Vineet Mittal’s Sangeet Ceremony

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can’t believe she wore that again .. How tacky and overly blingy is that … IMO it wud have looked a lot better with the same pink churidar instead of the golden one!!

  2. She has to be hot/itchy/sticky/generally uncomfortable in that.

    And um, did she take gift wrap and do the hokey-pokey around her legs and call it a day? Because that’s what that churidar looks like.

  3. i don get it..okay agreed she wore it again..n u din like it the second time..but doin a 2 round of wthey or watever is it wid her wid the same outfit..?so its like wen shes ll wear it again there ll b a post bout it..n wats the big deal if she wore it again…isnt it simple that she wore it the firts time coz she liked it n did so the second time…repeatin a exact post is wthey i tell u ..

  4. My eyes are beggin me to not even look at gold in any form or color ever again, after having witnessed this outrageous outfit. And I don’t think baby pink tissue/organdy holds the same meaning for me anymore!!

  5. It’s not the gold that’s the most offensive here for me.. It’s the sleeves.. If they were sleeker, much sleeker, the dress could have been a little less funny to look

  6. This outfit reminds me of fairy tales, like Rapunzel or something..if only she had a pointy hat the whole look would have been complete LOL :)

    I think this outfit COULD HAVE BEEN cute, if it didn’t look it was made for a little girl! Had they made the outfit more mature looking for her, then i think it would have looked good…i’m kinda digging the gold pants

  7. what I hate about this outfit:
    1. The cheap, shiny fabric
    2. The horrible fit
    3. the ridiculous sleeves
    4. The terrible, loud, overly blingy shade of gold
    5.How the blingy gold clashes with the shiny tacky pink
    6.The chudidhar
    7. The chudidhar
    8. Again, the chudidhar
    9. how the outfit does not even look ironed in the second picture
    10.the hideous floral pattern



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