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One of our pet peeves is seeing folks attend public events in sweatsuits. Comfort factor aside, the events these ladies attended hardly called for wearing them and we hope their excuse was that they were just coming back from the gym or on their way to it.

While we know it is a personal preference based on comfort, our question to you is, is wearing sweatsuits to a public event a yay or a nay? Its a definite nay for us!

P.S. That is a Bottega Veneta hobo on Laila.


Left: Nandita Mahtani at Lakme Fashion Week Press Meet
Center: Isha Koppikar at Leena Mogre’s Bash
Right: Laila Lamba at TART Bakery Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. none of the looks are appropriate for the event they are attending. however,Nandita ‘s sweats are OK, Juicy sweats are very well made. Isha sweats are bad, but Laila Lamba … a big WTHey

  2. wearing sweats 2a public event is never ok…no matter what type of sweats ur wearing. i don’t care if its Nike or Juicy Couture, it’s SO out of place to wear gym gear @ a formal event.

  3. Has anyone heard of the saying, “Dress For Your Day?” I am willing to bet that these ladies haven’t! I do like Nandita’s sweats-ensemble though…

  4. I hate track suit in general
    It’s funny how girls wear full makeup and hair to the gym and then trapeeze around in sweats in every other place :/
    One of the few things I just can’t accept in the name of fashion (not that it’s fashionable…at all)

  5. Nandita’s outfit is the most event-inappropriate one here…sweats to fashion week presser? And Laila looks like the ass clown she wants to be…comeon, nobody puts on that easter bunny suit without knowing they are gonna be the butt of every joke at that event.

  6. This really needs to be illegal..I really don’t understand whats so “cute” about these sweat-suits. I don’t think they’re meant for gym either..
    Hehe pdaervo, I couldn’t agree more!
    I wish I could get a closer look at Isha’s shoes though…theres something I might like!

  7. Isha is wearing too much makeup for those sweats. You cannot wear sweats to an event…at most you can be seen in public in them if you’re out grocery shopping. There are a hundred other ways to dress comfortable but these girls are not doing it for comfort. They seem to think its a statement!

  8. OMG P&P! “Hell Nay?” This is why I LOVE you guys! <33

    Now this post- oh goodness, where do I start? I mean, my mother has this habit of wearing sweatsuits EVERYWHERE, but 1)She’s not a celebrity, and 2) She has enough sense to CHANGE before she goes out to AN EVENT! Ladies, what is this? I’m no Freida Pinto(as styled by George K.), but I know better than to pull…this…idek what you would call this other than bad!

    And to make it worse, homegirl is wearing a freakin’
    BOTTEGA VENETA with her sweatsuit! It’s like serving a gourmet meal with Kool-Aid…come on, now…

  9. Terrible, terrible. I mean if they’re traveling (like on a flight) or seen going to do their hair and nails, or just at the grocery store – then its perfectly fine. Event? Not fine.

  10. i just don’t get why these ladies keep coming to events dressed like that!! i had pyjamas that looked like that when i was 7!
    i completely agree that it’s fine in your own house or the gym but at public events, at least make the effort to put on jeans and a shirt or something…

  11. Lamba’s looks = eeeks!
    Isha K is in full makeup so no way she’s headed to the gym in that – but she looks a little more put-together.
    Nandita’s look would be better if the naada werent hanging out + she werent wearing chappals…..that seems more offensive to me than the gym clothes

  12. hell no!!! no way to u wear tracksuits other than in ur house or at the gym. i neva understand the flip flops with tracksuits style i think its rong…

  13. i always find it funny when half the women at these ‘parties’ or whatever dress casually and the other half are dressed over the top. Why can’t they ever find a middle ground?

  14. am sure if you took a pic of Lamba with a cam(having a strong flash)..her nose would melt…

    she looks like she’s got Dr.X on her speedial…

  15. I voted Hell Nay. Now that I have put that out there…I can see someone wearing this for a few events and not looking like a total ass- Cheering your fave celebrity runner on at the Mumbai Marathon, cleaning up Bandra bandstand w other glitterati/attending some daytime Save the Mangroves meet, Sports day with the less privileged etc.
    BUT the design and material is TOTALLY mumbai weather inappropriate..it is never cool enough to justify these clothes beyond 7am any month of the year!!

  16. totally agree ith hhcregular, velvet or whatever the material is in Mumbai? come on now, thats just being a fashion victim! and i really don’t see how anyone could even wear it to the gym for workout, wouldn’t there be visible HORRIBLE sweat and absorbtion too?

    Isha looks fat in this. the belly and thigh part.
    As someone else mentioned earlier laila does look like a poink bunny, getting ready to entertain school kiddies before easter are we?
    and nandita…well *YAWN* until she doesn’t smile i can’t be bovvered commenting on her!

  17. Rule 1: Never wear velour sweats with a matching jacket. Too 1980’s.
    Rule2: If you have to wear velour to an event, at least jazz it uo with a pair of killer boots
    Rule3: Too much pink only looks good on Barbie. Laila should have worn a white tank with those sweats.

    I dont think wearing velour sweats in itself is bad, its what you pair it off with. Any outfit can be glammed up or down with the right accessories.
    Laila started off right from top but looks like she lost interest by the time she reached her feet!


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