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We loved Ira’s casual style. You?

P.S. Ira is the daughter of Lillette Dubey and stars in the movie ‘The President is Coming’.


Ira Dubey, ‘The President Is Coming’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I too love her casual styling
    even if it is a little sloppy and she’s holding her scarf awkwardly
    a great leather jacket would have been better

  2. i know them personally..and her elder daughter is Neha, they were both in school with me.
    Neha was in Munna Bhai MBBS as the other heroine and monsoon wedding as the chunri girl.

  3. @ nida, lilette has another daughter as well…her name’s Neha and she acted in Monsoon Wedding.

    anyway, i dont like Ira in this pic. she looks too untidy and unkempt.

  4. NO ! FOR ME ITS A BIG NO, a very Christmas season look,its ok,nothing great ,,,to me it looks like more of a traditional Japanese print combination,doesn’t work for me

  5. i saw this the other day at the store and really wanted it…but on me it looked an odd length between a dress and a top and hence didnt get it

    on her it looks great as a dress!!

  6. i think the stockings are hiding the shoes. if you look carefully, i think if she wore the same outfit without the stockings, we would’ve all hated the shoes. also, i think the reason why the look seems a bit unkempt is because of the way she is holding her wrap and purse, like she’s about to run out of the door in a hurry or something.

    that’s not to say i like the outfit, cuz i don’t.

  7. Her opentoe shoes look awful combined with the tights, although they would still be awful even if she’d dittched the tights…nice dress though!

  8. i wish she wasn’t holding the shawl covering the dress but overall i think she looks fresh, young and very cute! It’s nice to see a new face and a very unbollywood one at that!

  9. I can’t say I love this outfit but I definitely don’t hate it. It’s ok. I have to say her mother is rocking.. Lilette is gawgeous dahling


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