India Couture Week 2014: Manish Arora

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As much as it is part of the designer’s aesthetic, look past the ott styling for a minute. Then put aside your notion of kitsch. Now look at the clothes, just the clothes. Nuanced and wonderful, we were captivated by Manish Arora’s presentation at Couture Week. Yes, it lacks the quiet, earthy sensuality of a Sabyasachi woman or the feminine, flirty romanticism of the Manish Malhotra woman but what it does pack by the bagfuls is strength. And a whole lot of personality. Can’t wait to see some of those dresses off the runway. Stat!

India Couture Week 2014- Manish Arora-1

India Couture Week 2014- Manish Arora-2

India Couture Week 2014- Manish Arora-3

India Couture Week 2014- Manish Arora-4

India Couture Week 2014- Manish Arora-5

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. There is always this madness in his collection…and i love it….m loving last piece…if we look closely the details of his clothes are just breathtaking <3

  2. Yayyyyy..these make me break into a dance literally it makes me so happy..boho tribal style and statement jewellery sewn on dresses hell yeahhhhh..the skirt with the yellow top.woahh!!and the last row too ooohhhhh..kkk will stop now !!!luv these :p

  3. Quite bizarre. I like the flared pants and the lehenga/skirt-with-pockets idea though.The last outfit reminds me of a painted Kathakali dancer.

  4. Mr Arora seemed to be transfixed with the idea of aliens in tokyo. Not that this isn’t a great presentation, artistically speaking.

  5. Wow – those flare-leg pants outfits looks like something Cher would have worn 40+ years ago… or maybe something she’d wear today, come to think of it.

  6. dumbstruck, not in a good way though.
    I hope by off the runway you mean in film or music videos. it will be rather weird to see someone wear these elsewhere as it is. however, one may choose to pair these ‘heavy’ pieces with something plain and make it work.
    p.s: those shoes. love.

  7. Oh my! Its soooo beautifully weird.
    Well, I don’t see myself wearing any of it from the first 3 rows. BUT…but, I really loved the details in the last row.
    Those last 3 pieces were just WOW.. I would love to wear the black… of course with a different top.

  8. He’s a master of his trade…1000 thumbs up to finally, some original and bold ideas+presentation on the Indian runways..


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