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We’ve been having ourselves quite a few Prabal Gurung sightings lately, haven’t we? You won’t hear us complain! An unfair comparison but which look stands out more, one on the pages of a magazine or outside of it? We’d say both ladies do justice to their dresses and look great!

P.S. Who else is reminded of Betty Draper looking at Ms. Padukone?

Left: Sonam Kapoor at Maxim Anniversary Bash
Right: Deepika Padukone in Grazia April 2012

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  1. You guys never compare photoshoots to real life appearances cz its unfair!! Y do it now? Its still unfair…God knows how many takes Deepika got…and Sonam’s was a real life appearance..not studio lights set up to make her look Gorg..! NOT FAIR!

  2. I am usually not one to crib about photoshopping (since lighting and makeup, not to mention a bad scan/transfer, can make someone look unrecognizable), but Deepika’s face looks off in that picture. The dress itself is absolutely stunning. Sonam looks gorgeous; I love the dress, the hair, and the fact that she didn’t go with black pumps.

  3. I really like sonam’s appearance in prabal gurung, hair, makeup, dress, everything. apart from the shoes, the entire look was bang on. deepika’s hair and makeup is a little distracting here, but i still like the dress. therefore, for me, sonam wins this round. but like i said, she could have opted for better shoes.

  4. The fringe at the bottom of Sonam’s dress appears a bit outlandish on an otherwise sleek dress. Like Deepika’s outer space look. The deep purple does seem inspired from faraway inter galactical space.

    • She does! Her eyes here and the tilt of her face make her look like Aishwarya!

      To the owners of the blog, one little suggestion! Could you include an option that lets us get notified every time we get counter-comments? That way we can have a more interactive commenting section. Otherwise, the comment gets lost in the traffic! Thanks. :)

  5. Ok here’s what I think. I hate Deepika Padukone’s scan pic. I don’t know why, looks very unappealing. On the other hand, I think Sonam is looking gorgeous. Sonam looks graceful and beautiful. She went a little overboard with the makeup. She’s such a beautiful girl, I don’t think she needs a lot of make up in the first place. And I think what Sonam is wearing is not from the 2012 collection? it may be from the Fall 2011 collection, because I recall seeing this dress on a previous collection.


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