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Wearing a striped Marks & Spencer dress, Tisca attended the screening of Lipstick Under My Burkha on Tuesday evening. While she looked nice in the dress, the footwear choice (Steve Madden) took the look down a few notches. More than the furry pompom, the color was a downer.

Like her look as is?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. So: looking nice and dressing nice are not always connected. 1 is by birth the other by sense..or lack of it. did not expect her to give that write up in this blog on styling/fashion n all n then become a victim herself. some women dont need fashion… they just need to love themself as is. or all of them, maybe.

  2. Maybe it has nothing to do with wanting to dress or look young. Maybe she just tried something different and it didn’t work.

  3. Most her tries doesnt work because she tries to be someone she is not. This is an eyesore for me, sadly the majority of her looks are eyesores.

  4. Just wow at the venom in the comments. I’d rather take Tisca’s experiments than a line up of vanilla xyz in overly stylized looks but zero personality

  5. This is where a stylist (or someone with a good aesthetic sense) comes in. A smart looking, comfy dress on a woman in reasonably good shape and with great skin turns into a borderline WTHeyy thanks to the heavy makeup and poor choice of shoes. Hair in a casual ponytail or loose waves (not the harsh blowdried tresses), minimalistic & dewy makeup with a soft pink / peachy gloss and neat eye liner, black or maroon block heels and this would have been a winner. Tisca is a beautiful woman and this current styling spree is ruining that! Hire me Tisca (i’ll do it for free just to get you back in your groove!)


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