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Wearing a striped Dior gown, Ileana attended a recent event. Glossy lips, an updo and a pair of matching earrings and ring finished out her look. Love the gown on her; she looked great!

ileana d cruz at louis phillipe cup event-1

Ileana D’Cruz At Louis Philippe Pro Golf Event

ileana d cruz at louis phillipe cup event-2

Ileana D’Cruz At Louis Philippe Pro Golf Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I couldn’t care less about the person inside (though she looks great), but that gown is flawless! Every line and stripe matches up, the seams are perfect, the fit is amazing, the fabric chosen suits the cut and drape. That’s called tailoring, and that’s why it’s Dior, I suppose.

    Compare it to the finish on the “designer dresses” by Indian designers, especially the younger lot, which often look like they were stitched in the dark, by the 3 visually-impaired mice.

  2. The cut and the material looks so good. Of course, its Dior. But I am yet to warm up to these bedsheets for gowns. It works on her body type – small shoulders, small boobs and big hips frame pretty well.

  3. It does help that she is svelte since this look is not meant for a voluptuous person . She looks quite dainty and polished and its refreshing to see bollywood stars warm up to cut and colour and steer clear of bling.


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