Ileana on Verve: (Un)Covered

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Sporting a Spring 2015 Gucci dress, Ileana graces the cover of this month’s Verve. Like? Love?


Left: Gucci, Spring 2015
Right: Ileana D’Cruz on Verve April 2015

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  1. Hi P&P
    What’s with new Like?Love? – open ended way of reviewing.. We come here to read your views too and not just your readers..

    • Maybe we have nothing to say about it. :) We don’t always have to have something to say but we post it because maybe it piques our readers’ attention.

  2. This is a smoking hot summer cover? I’m expecting a great location, exotic appeal, and colors. That dress is nothing close to summer. Maybe a summer dinner at night?

  3. Wow, how do you always know who the dress, accessories are by? Do you know it on your own or through the stylists? And if latter, then how many stylists do you know?! :O :O

  4. Cant help but notice the lack of airbrushing on this one… arms look like arms, legs like legs…
    nothing summery about it.. she looks amazing though..


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