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There just is no way to explain the printed mess that Ms Azmi chose to wear to the IIFA 08 Awards.

At Mohan Kumar’s B’day
At IIFA 2008

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  1. Awwwwww….well yeah
    but I LOVE Shabana Azmi! She’s my hero :D…more so if I was an actor (and I do mean actor because according to her there is no such thing as an actress :)

  2. oh…it’s horrible. but for some strange reason, i’m so used to that nowadays…on shabana…that i dont even find that awful at all. LoL

    and anyways, her persona shines through, you dont even tend to see her clothes.

  3. What happened? She usually dresses quite wel (i.e. glam, yet good for her age)l! Also she looks extremely short in these pics..I read somewhere that noisy prints look better on tall people, I guess that’s the lesson to be learnt from these pics.

  4. The satiny floral wannabe kurta is absolutely horrendous. While I do like the way she usually dresses-very ethnic with statement jewellery,I have noticed that Shabana has been caught dressing badly these days (rem hideous black saree).

  5. i find her eyebrows to die for! perfecto!
    She’s gorgeous in black… and terrible in the printed outfit. But overall i think she’s fantabulous… be it looks or her work…


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