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Huma also attended the Punjabi Film Awards last month wearing a Vikram Phadnis from Krasaa anarkali with earrings from Amrapali. We don’t have the best pics but can’t say we are fans of the metallic lycra-ish bodice.

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Huma Qureshi at Punjabi Film Awards 2015


Huma Qureshi at Punjabi Film Awards 2015

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  1. Vikram Phadnis has to be the designer who zero originality… He always mixes works of other prominent designers and passes on as his own… in the past too he has copied Manish Malhora, Sabyasachi…. this dress is full copy of sabya designs

  2. i wish the makeup was toned down .how is this any copy ? its a normal gold colour dress .its just the colour . and btw gold is used by most designers .i think the arms look heavy bec of the fabric

  3. Exactly,I have observed a lot too.Vikram Phadnis lacks true originality..passing from Manish malhotra and others to Sabyasachi now.Its not about the gold colour,It’s about the feel of the garment and the vibe it gives.The best he does is mixing and matching other leading designers and creating similar looking outfits to generate sales.

    • woww an .. u look like a vp hater … no one else will go this crazy on a outfit that has zero similarity of either or designers that u mentioned .. i think u know it all on how to generate sales and what designer influences whose and which line… r u jealous he sells ???


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