Acid Blue

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Both, nice looking women. Both, in horrid blue bling’y dresses. Why?

(Madhurima is a South Indian actress for those who are wondering…)

Urvashi Sharma


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  1. Urvashi’s dress looks a lot like one of those in your ‘Ditto’ sections… There is a version of this in midnight blue that looks great.. cant say the same of this one though.

    The one on the left looks like an extra in some item no.

  2. urvashi sharma looks qutie nice. its not that blingy. if she didnt use that bag and that shiny thing around her dress and lose the sleeves the dresss would of looked like the dress Priyanka has in silver and brwon.

    Madhurima”s outfit totally blingy. not working for me.

  3. Madhurima’s dress should have the loose fluid lines of a flapper dress. And no halter neck. And a longer fringe. Then it would totally work. Her shoes are lovely.

    Urvashi needs to lose that belt stat. It adds nothing to the outfit and distracts from an otherwise OK dress. Lovely shoes on her too.

    And good heavens – Versace is the poster boy of bad taste (hooker chic).

  4. i agree with thalassa. Madhurima’s dress could have been better with some modifications. The color actually works with her skin tone. I would get rid of the fringe.

  5. I like the colour of Madhurima’s dress it looks good. However she does look like she’s missing the “churidar” that came with it lol. It would look better with some modifications


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