Fab Or Drab?

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For us, its a definite ‘drab’! The color does nothing for Ms. Panag and that lip color is jarring (with that outfit).


Gul Panag At ‘Hello’ Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. not her best pic, but you see, what no pic can show is that she is a vivacious, bubbly, intelligent girl…so do not always judge the book by the cover….guys

  2. Adit – with all due respect, this is a blog about fashion, not about vivacious, bubbly, intelligent people. I agree that we don’t have to be vicious about them (like we often seem to get about Queenie or Riya), but neither do we have to defend someone’s character, when the topic that’s up for discussion is fashion and couture.

    Okay, back to Gul – the color (what is this – peach?) is drab, yes. However, I find the cut of the dress to be the worst sin going on here – the shoulders are weird, and the upside-down V pattern makes the bust look very…wide. (I will concede, though, that the busy-ness of the cut down the front would effectively draw attention away from a slight tummy.)

    The shoes are very cute in design (love the clog look and the large button), but totally the wrong color.

  3. I love Gul! She seems so high on life….and I really dig her makeup here….I just wish it was a different dress and shoes. But whatever said and done, this woman is on my ” I like” list. Oh, PnP, please post more pics of this woman…

  4. Adit

    No one is questioning the kind of people all these celebrities are. Am sure most of them are fun/sweet/intelligent/charismatic and other such superlatives in their own way… Neither do we know all of them personally, therefore are always careful never to pass judgement on their personal lives, personalities etc in our posts unless unwittingly done… But this IS a fashion blog and so judgement will be passed on the superficial, as trivial as that may be.

    On an aside, that is why Payal and I cringe when we read comments about certain ‘celebs’ giving off vibes as being skanky. A look may be skanky, calling a person s@#$ty isn’t okay! Or when declarations are made about living off of wealthy husbands, not cool either! Or when rants happen about fat arms, ‘tonds’ and weight issues. And then people wonder about why there are such weight related anxieties among the women today… You can comment about the clothes that are on the wrong body type but making comments on the body type itself isn’t pleasant. Declaring their faces as ‘ugly’ isn’t cool either. Shoes, yes. Faces, no.

    We don’t quite get the elitist type of comments either that declare for instance, they don’t care what Nandita Das wears because she is so intelligent/intellectual/smart etc. I doubt any other actress is less smart/accomplished because she chooses to do commercial cinema…

    Anyway, I digress… Judgement will be passed on fashion and style, good or bad, not on people, their professions or personalities but purely on what they chose to be in the moment they were photographed.

  5. Priyanka:

    Thank you for clarifying all that above.

    Sorry for my rant in the comments on this post, and also for my rant in the Rita/Queenie Dhody post – some of the comments were starting to get to me. :)

    Okay, back to comments – what, no one else likes those super-cute shoes? :)

  6. Hey HHC guys,

    Thanks so much for keeping this blog so clean and focused on fashion. I have had some of my off track comments also disqualified by you 2 . I know it is hard not to get sidelined by somebody’s face or nose and call them ugly (I have done it myself) but again lets remind ourselves and keep our comments on dress , shoes, accessories etc.

    PS: Can we comment on plastic surgeries though?

  7. I think the dress would have been average if it wasn’t for the strange pattern below the chest. The makeup is wrong. The only right thing here (besides the gorgeous smile) is the shoes.

  8. appreciate you guys drawing the line: it is your blog and i guess anyone who comments takes cues from what you allow to be published as well. why not simply ‘moderate’ questionable comments?
    and @BLT: yes, i like those shoes (tho not the colour so much) — but already said so!

  9. The patchwork on the dress is awful! The shoes are cute, though and for a change, red lipstick doesn’t look so bad on Indian skin tone. I would NEVER dare wear red lipstick EVER!

  10. lol. Quite an overdrive in the comments section. But I’m glad you guys have finally stepped up, have been reading this blog for quite a while now and lately it seemed like a frustration outlet for people who can’t afford to buy things put up here..hence bitchy comments about nose jobs and tond and please get yourself a hairstylist before you dare to step out kind of crap..Wonder what these ‘fashion savvy’ people look like when they step out…

    Anyways, gul panag has the cutest smile and can carry off red lipstick really well, but ugly ill fitted dress, looks darzi type, love the shoes… if someone knows of a place in bombay retailing these shoes, please tell me!

  11. Drab . Drab. Drab .

    I think the dress is totally mismatched with the shoes …. The dress is ill-fitting too.

    the makeup could have been great with any other colour combination , but not with this one .

  12. the shoes aren’t bad at all, but they don’t work with the dress. and she seems to have a thing for shiny peach/pink fabric for some reason! A month ago, she was wearing a pink figure hugging satin top/dress at a music launch or something.

  13. I dont think the shoes work with that dress at all. And I also agree about that shade of lip color…doesnt really complement the outfit…
    And P&P, I agree with ur comments — we should restrict our comments to fashion…anything else thats of a personal nature is not cool…even I have had my comments moderated on a couple of occasions and I think that that was the right thing to do on those occasions! You guys might want to make a separate post of your comment…so that more people can see it..!

  14. give me a D
    give me a R
    give me a A
    give me a B

    She always disappoints me somehow ! The color is aweful on her…. the sleeve cut makes her look arms look macho or something… and i think she is wearing something silver as bracelet and gold earrings … totaly mismatched jewelry … and I don’t even want to comment on her lipstick and shoes… a literal GAH!

  15. This is a bad color choice for Gul… it washes her out. Also, her hair don’t look good… rather oily, actually. The lippie is also not working.

    Gul’s a very pretty woman though, and in fabulous shape too. She should’ve worn a nice, fall dress…. this whole sillhouette style is not doing anything for her.


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