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When we suggested that Harman get a different look to separate himself from Hrithik, we really didn’t think he’d go about it this way! But hey, he certainly has set himself apart! For better or for worse?

Need we say which side of the better-worse fence we are sitting on? ;)

harmanbigfm.jpg harmanbigfm1.jpg


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  1. He looks like a bowling attendant. Not liking this outfit. I suppose he’s just casual here though not at a press meet or anything so he slacked off.. he’s def not as good looking as Hrithik but I think he’ll be the next big thing if his acting is decent. He can do better than Ranbir!

  2. he is not looking any inch the star that is to be launched! and those jeans are ready to come off any moment now – they are already under his shoes!

  3. I feel sorry for him. he must have had no idea what he was in for. But it does look like daddy modelled him after hrithik. He has coloured his hair light, gotten the same haircut….and the latest poster is freakishly similar to kaho naa pyaar hain.

  4. Yea…ew is the response from me .. I just don’t like the curls coming out like that. He shd keep it clean. Otherwise he is a handsome dude.

  5. Harman needs an image makeover pronto . Firstly no hair color and a shorter sleeker hair style. Secondly please try and wear clothes that suit your age and personality . And never ever touch anything that resembles like something that came out hritik roshan’s closet .


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