An Almost Ditto

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Though not fond of either of these dresses (just not a fan of excessive ruching), I do think Sabina fares better here!

Perhaps because there isn’t as much ruching going on as in the other dress or maybe because of the color palette… Either way, if I had to, HAD to choose… Sabina’s would be it! :)

Which version do you like better?


Far Left: Sabina Singh At Olive’s Anniversary Bash
Far Right: Hard Kaur At Verve’s 75th Issue Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I agree – with that ruching the dress fares better in grey due to the length. But I don’t like Sabina’s accessories or shoes >_>.
    But as a look in my opinion Hard Kaur wins. To me the white feminine dress with the black rock chick heels looks more visually pleasing. Even though the white version of the dress isn’t oh my gosh amazing – she makes it work.

  2. I don’t know why by both are looking too manly this this ….
    I mean this dress isn’t bringing feminine feel to either of the two ……

  3. it’s a total bias – but i can’t like hard kaur in anything

    there’s something about her that puts me off

    so my choice is automatic here

  4. Glads are really in these days! i bought one a couple of days ago just coz they were on sale and now i’m feeling all ‘fashionable’ :D


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