Happy New Year!

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As we take a break for a day ( more like a few hours cuz you know we can’t stay away from snooping around about who’s wearing what!), we would like to wish all our readers a wonderful new year! Thank you for all your support!

We leave you with a question though! What trend ( or item of clothing/accessory or practice) you do not want to see in 2019? :P

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    • Happy New Year to you and your family, A! Yes, I agree! More authenticity and less mob-mentality (even though I doubt that’ll happen :( Bollywood just feels like a bunch of sheep who wanna show off designer-wear).

    • if its modesty then wearing a dress doesnt cut it and if its seeing a saree styled that way ..well it does look great with the correct blouse.
      And its not a boob show per se…its showing more of the beautiful blouse which otherwise gets hidden

  1. Cheers to new year! I detest those huge flared net indo-western gowns we see at Indian weddings. Then, hunter/gum boots. Have seen them at Zara n they are quite a rage on insta too. Last one, ott makeup. Makeup these days appears more like a face mask. Can we portray our more of real side on social media pls??

  2. Those holes in the jeans known as distressed. They make my brain distressed :(

    Boob show with a sari …. please wear a bikini if you must.

    Lehengas …. please open up your mom’s closet, you will find irreplaceable and exquisite collection

  3. 1.In- your- face branding/logo on clothes as well as accessories in an effort to make the cloth/accessory bigger than the person wearing it or to flaunt moolah…. whatever be the philosophy..just chuck labels please!
    2.airport “looks”, gym “looks”
    3.transparent shoes/sandals, fanny packs, miniature shades, glorified pyjamas.
    4. Sabyasachi, MM, AJSK- designer fatigue!!( Not so designer at that!!)
    5 pre engagement, engagement, pre Sangeet, sangeet, pre wedding , wedding, minimum 3 receptions, honeymoon…wtf!- marriage looks fatigue!

    • Amen.
      Relatable style is what we want to see…it is nice to see designer and luxe stuff once in a while, but when stars show up wearing head to toe Gucci or some XYZ brand silk sleepwear (which look so bad) just for the photogs, it is terrible.
      No more chipku hair with bindi and awful non-smiley poses with kilos of embroidery!
      And like many others have said, nice western clothes when the occasion demands it (Looking at you the younger tinseltown brigade!)

  4. International designers on Indian magazine covers.

    High time we promoted our own designers instead of celebrating Western labels. Ironic that Indian companies do embroideries for couture houses but we don’t do enough of promote/support our artisans.

  5. Happy new year everyone
    Also PnP special thanks to you for making our snooping so much endearing and classy ;)
    All the best wishes for your family

  6. 1. ragged, torn jeans
    2. the same old bow tie and black jacket menswear with pompadour hair
    3. teeny tiny sunglasses that serve no purpose

  7. Dressing up for the joy of dressing up and not for shutterbugs !!
    All those super coordinated couples…all those super styled airport looks…SHOULD GO !
    If any celebrity/filmi heroines plan on getting married in 2019…i pray that those brides don’t show up in maang bhari sindoor and red bangles for a month.

  8. 1. Designer wear on every occasion possible..this needs to go! how about sporting non-designer clothes more often and leaving designer wear for those real occasions
    2. Floor length anarkalis and other extremely heavily embroidered blingy outfits

  9. It would be great to see more celebs dress themselves rather than constantly being dressed by stylists. Everyone is looking the same and there is very little individual style.

  10. Ugly “modern with twist” Saree drapes should GO! ( includes everything we saw this year saree over torn jeans, bra as your blouse, 1 boob drape etc etc)

    Bring the classic back !!! Indian is so culturally rich you can drape saree traditional way 365 days and still look different if you choose different handloom, drops of each state and what NOT..
    Happy 2019 guys:)

  11. What not to see-
    There are a tonnnnne of things
    1. Ripped jeans- bcoz we’ve had enough
    2. International brands- bcoz only name, no style
    3. Tiny sunglasses- bcoz they look horrible on EVERYONE
    4. Transparent footwear- bcoz its just yukks
    5. Beige, golden or red outfits especially sarees and lehengas- bcoz life is full of colours
    6. Tremendously deep neck- bcoz there’s a lot of beauty otherwise
    7. Sleeked bun/hairdo- bcoz oyr hair need to breathe

    What we want to see-
    1. More indian clothes- bcoz we need more style and designs on that front too
    2. Block heels with platform- bcoz we’ve hurt our feet enough with those sexy pointy heels
    3. New colours, a lot of them- bcoz why not
    4. New sneaker designs and colours- bcoz we’re done with white now
    5. New designers- bcoz sabya, AJSK, MM…. replica is now available in every nook and corner of the country
    6. Handloom- bcoz it looks fresh always

    I hope atleast one of the above is implemented

  12. The rather unflattering, unimaginative tent-like anarkalis. There are many other elegant way to do Indian – nicely draped sarees (weaves), simple salwar kameezes and heck, even regional clothes like Assam’s Mekhela Sador etc

  13. 1) Sabya (sorry, I really did love him till he turned incredibly beautiful women into bots)
    2) ornate Lehengas …. SO done with these
    3) weddings with thirty different ceremonies and hence thirty different(?) sabyas!


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