Red Hot

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Now why is it that we don’t see this side of Gul more often (instead of those nightmarish graphic tees)??


Gul Panag

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Gul has finally dressed like a grown-up! The bag, shoes and earrings are ghastly but considering the overall look is such an improvement, she’s forgiven.

  2. her facial expressions and poses are really bad, and majorly affect how she looks. even though she’s decently put together here, she still looks kinda weird. maybe she just photographs badly.

  3. it’s definitely a HUGE upgrade but i wouldnt put it under ‘red hot’
    it’s a nice enough look but not standout
    a bit matronly almost

  4. yea..def upgrade..except for her hair…very matronly..
    problem is she doesnt keep in mind that she has big boobs when she dresses

  5. I love her shoes. They normally look so matronly, but lately I love seeing younger women wear them- they look very feminine and demure.

  6. when i pretend she’s american, it looks good…when i think of her as desi, i think that she definitely needs more accessories! i didn’t realize i had such double standards lol

  7. I hate her earrings…It should be in gold tone and smaller…This red color is too bright for her skin tone but its okay..not really great..
    I forgot….i have almost same but short dress in knits.


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