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Ms. Panag lately hasn’t been making the best sartorial choices out there and so, when we see a look from her that doesn’t make us cringe right away, we can’t help but scream “Upgrade“! Besides, in her close-ups, neck-up she looks downright adorable.


Gul Panag At AND- Shop for Change Initiative

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think you guys are unashamedly biased…a little biased cannot be helped, but this much subjectivity is a tad wrong..If a Kangana/ Gayathri/ Twinkle had worn exactly the same outfit and accessories, you would screamed Fab at the drop of a hat. Just becos its a Gul..

    Me thinks she looks very nice and on most occasions, gets her whole look perfect. She’s got a fresh and perky sense of style and great attitude alongwith.

    Equating the level of success in Bollywood or in the social ladder cannot boil down to styke ratings! please pretty please :)

  2. Boring??? Naaaa!!! Love her casual look… Not too sure bout that stretch 80s belt tho. Agree..neck up u can’t get cuter than that!!

  3. seriously? what about this screams an upgrade and causes you to cringe? So lame. To use your phrase she’s “on trend” Nude/tan is the color of the season.

  4. She looks cute! Except for her hair…*sigh. I wish she would grow it out or style it differently (kinda like Renee Zellwegger now)…

  5. Love, love, love Gul’s look. She is like a breath of fresh summer air and not talking about bombay air!
    She oozes sex appeal,look at that curvacious body, Gul looks like the Scarlett Johannson of India. She is so confident and strong and that shows through her dressing sense.


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