Golden Girls

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The Condé Nast magazines went gold for the month of December with GQ featuring Anushka in an Atsuko Kudo latex bikini and Katrina in a Moschino dress.

If you thought that was Shruti on the GQ cover at first glance, you weren’t alone. We thought so too. As for Katrina, seems like she is Vogue’s new December girl.

Which cover has your attention?

P.S. We’re surprised that it isn’t Katrina in the AK considering she wore the latex designs in the Bang Bang and Dhoom 3 title song. (see inside) :P


Left: Anushka Sharma on GQ India in Atsuko Kudo
Right: Katrina Kaif on Vogue India in Moschino


Katrina Kaif In Dhoom 3 (left) and Bang Bang (Right)

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Every single one of those clothes is really tiny and risque. The outfit on Anushka, particularly so. And yes, she totally resembles Shruthi here.

  2. That looks nothing like Anushka, but apart from he that, the only question that pops up to me is, Where the heck is her belly button?! Did she get beamed down to Earth via spacepod or something, because that definitely is alien-like.

  3. These covers are horrible. Katrina does not look like Katrina at all, like I don’t even get it. What;s even the point of being featured on a cover if you are going to be that photo-shopped. I would be pissed.

  4. Extreme SFX! Katrina looks angry and constipated, Anushka looks angry and like someone else, and it’s all bad! This is what mags are coming up with! So uninspiring, unoriginal, bland…

  5. The photoshopping of anushka’s hips and butt is terrible. I don’tnow if it has come to any one’s notice or not!but no one’s body look slike tht with weird curves.
    secondly, anushka’s pose gives no attitude or no meaning to the theme

  6. Anushka has a great body and here her body & thighs look heavy plus weird o_O What the f have they done to her pretty face ? This is beyond ridiculous.

  7. Did this really happen> whats the point in so much photoshopping that it makes these celebrities unrecognisable!! So much for coming on cover pages! :D

  8. I can’t recognise these ladies. And seriously what were they thinking choosing these photographs. The clothes could have worked editorially but the poses are nagl and amateurish.

  9. These covers are SO TACKY!!! There is nothing fashionable or current about these two images. The Vogue cover looks like a cheap (Men’s magazine) cover from the 90s.
    What is wrong with the Vogue team? They have been consistently knocking out HIDEOUS covers. The content is pathetic and the fashion spreads are equally tardy and dull.
    Conde Nast needs to fire somebody really soon!!!

  10. Both look uncomfortable. Katrina, who doesn’t look like herself here, looks like she’s tugging the dress with one hand, while awkwardly posing with the other.

  11. You should do a post on Guess who? PnP!
    Put all the ridiculously photo-shopped magazine covers (with the actresses names inked out) in a post and ask the readers to guess who they’re supposed to be! It would be fun ;)

  12. Katrina is looking fab!! As for anushka, she seems confused on how to pose for the camera…she’s looking so weird and uncomfortable in that outfit.

  13. both the covers defy extreme obsession with photoshop.. moreover anushka is totally unrecognizable. what has she done to her face man with all the needle work

  14. Arent those boobs looks unreal on anushka’s lanky body ?
    Sure Katrina looks Constipated , angry woman who had been denied for annual Christmas vacation by her boyfriend.

    • Lol. Those are all hers! She always had boobs. :D

      On topic, the photoshop job is pretty bad on both ladies, @ least Vogue retained Katrina´s natural skintone. Anushka´s pose is unflattering, the bathing suit looked better on Lady Gaga.

  15. These are two seriously tacky and horrible covers?
    Who hunts for these dresses to be featured on the cover.. the COVER of VOGUE and GQ??
    Both Anushka and Katrina look uncomfortable.. what is the point of all this??

  16. Vogue seriously needs to get its act together.
    Bad stylings.
    Bad articles with too much content.
    Bad pictures
    And team vogue only promotes themselves and their friends in every issue.
    Surprising for a international magazine.
    The gq is as hideous.


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