Getting Knotty!

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Hermes not only has great scarves but they also have two guides online that feature different ways of wearing a scarf. Spring is already here, so get those scarves out and wear them either in your own way or take some ideas from Hermes!

Oh wait! You don’t have one? Well.. simply answer a few questions and you could win one of the two scarves seen below! Click here for more details!

Diane Von Furstenberg

Viktor & Rolf


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  1. Stop showing the scarves over n over when you only opened them for few countries. It would have been a fair game if it was open to main countries like Uk,USA,Canada and Australia. Nothing against you guys but I think it would have given more people chance to participate. It is like a teaser to people who are not able to participate.

    • Umm…this is an INDIAN fashion blog. The ‘main country’ is India! And an overwhelming majority of the expat Indian population on this site come from the US (in case it isn’t already obvious from the comments). And this contest was open to US residents!!

      just because some of the people on this site dont have access to the contest, it doesnt justfy not throwing the contest open to a majority of the people on here

      • Plus its very, very nice of PnP to have organized something like this for no reason, besides how do you get off telling them to ‘stop showing the scarves’ on their own blog?!


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