Pretty In Pink?

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Pink must be Genelia’s new favorite color because she was spotted wearing it again at the IIFA Awards 2009. Because, I have seen this gown in yellow already I am a little biased towards the color but Genelia does wear her pink well. A sleek updo and I would have loved it.

Your thoughts?

Check out new pictures from the IIFA 2009 Fashion Extravaganza at The Gallery.


Left: Raakesh Agarvwal, Spring 2008
Right: Genelia D’Souza at IIFA Awards 2009


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  1. OK I don’t like the dress, I think it might be because of the color but it reminds me of all that loose skin people suffer from after losing humongous amount of weight (thank you TLC!)

  2. lol @ karishma, i’ve seen that show, it so def looks like the loose flap hanging around the tummy area, weird how no one on HHC seems to notice the weird siloutte of that dress..whereas on other sites everyone has noticed it

  3. Actually, i did notice the silhouette. And i think that waist band needs to be worn just a trifle higher. Plus Genelia’s gown is not as light and breezy as the yellow chiffon gown. Maybe thats why i dont like it one bit.

  4. It looks great in the editorial, but it is a very unlfattering shilouette on Genelia
    the color, on the other hand, is fabulous on her

  5. the yellow one is beautiful..i guess also because it’s a bit transparent. The pink one doesn’t work because it’s opaque and with the excess fabric hanging in the middle..the dress gets a heavy look. The yellow look beautiful because of its lightness(in terms of weight) and fluidity.


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