Doing Denim

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Enjoying a night out with close friends, Gauri was snapped outside Olive wearing denims by Robin’s Jeans.

Ms. KHan might have worn the distressed denims but we were the ones stressing out here. Ok, that was a bad pun, I admit! :P

But, I really don’t know what I detest more here, those jeans or how Gauri wore them. Those denims with that bag (a Vuitton, if am not mistaken) and those shoes? Aaargh.


Left: Gauri Khan Spotted Outside Olive
Right: Robin’s Jeans Buy

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Trust me..NO stylist …even d bestest of best stylist cant help dem….be it King Khan or his wife..dey have certain mind block and dey dont want to get out of dat zone..u may try hard if u r der stylist..but d end result will be der style or u r fired…:P

    • Agreed, so trashy. And such expensive trash.There are a few people for whom even stylist won’t be of much help, I am quite positive she is one of them.

  1. I can see her go,
    ” Oooh, I have to have them jeans and now!”
    But ma’am, they’re not available in your size or age.
    ” How dare you, I’ll be the first in my very very rich but utterly aesthetics -challenged group to wear them”.

  2. Ok so i have thing for distressed jeans so i love the jeans she is wearing. Having said that, the shoes, bag, belt & top were all wrong…. PS that fold was the final nail in the coffin.

  3. Top to toe disaster!! I can’t even begin to understand what made her wear this!! She’s never had a great sense of style or fashion but this is as bad as it can get.

  4. Such a bad choice! There should be a ban on excess “distressing” of distressed denims! Plus she folded them! Complete WTHeyyy!

  5. i love denim roll-ups…and those wedges are the standard going out in the crappy Mumbai has no proper roads monsoon footwear so can excuse them as long as we’re going through that weather.

  6. Aargh, awful folded jeans (could have folded it a bit more maybe!) Black bag, black belt, nude shoes, …. is that a whatthehey or what?!


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