Vested Interest

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When not in sweats, it’s them vests Ms. Khan prefers when travelling. You like?

Gauri Khan At Mumbai Airport, June 2012

Gauri Khan Photographed At Mumbai Airport

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Don’t like much…btw, doesn’t Suhana Khan go to school like other normal kids? She’s become this globe trotting kid tagging along with the Mr & Mrs everywhere!

  2. I do not like what she is wearing, especially her unflattering jeans. What I do like is the hair without those awful extension. She has beautiful/shiny/healthy hair. Ditch the extensions

  3. Gowri is actually a good looking woman. Would love to see her in traditional outfits, a change in style once in a while can do wonders. Otherwise, she looks fine, comfortable, and a great alternative to sweats.


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