In Monisha Jaising Couture

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The grand premiere of Happy New Year in Dubai had Gauri in attendance wearing a Monisha Jaising Couture lehenga with a gold Bottega Veneta knot clutch. One to normally don gowns, the lehenga look came as quite a surprise.

Perhaps, she had Diwali on her mind.



Left: Monisha Jaising Couture
Right: Gauri Khan at Happy New Year Premiere in Dubai

Photo Credit: Sanish Cherian Photography

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  1. Amazed by the finesse in the detailing of the embroidery on the skirt….It brings out that rich burgundy color so well.
    Cannot stop admiring this beauty! Absolutely amazed by this look.
    Monisha Jaising’s clothes are all about effortless style….Gauri Khan is totally justifying this outfit.

  2. Loving how Gauri Khan has styled her Monisha Jaising outfit with sindoor- perfect accessory for a married woman. What a break through look for a red carpet!!!

  3. I couldn’t resist commenting that there’s an obvious pattern to some of these comments. Too funny and too ‘obvious’ ;-) !
    She does look lovely though – in an outfit by Monisha Jaising (couldn’t help myself) :D

  4. Love the look on her… I prefer Gauri to wear sarees, lehengas, etc. She looked the best among the rest of the ladies at the HNY premiere.

  5. Sure its in lines with festive season. I wish though she had done something else with the hair. Maybe a braid or something..but she looks lovely.

  6. I love this whole look on her. I particularly love the bracelet she’s wearing. P&P can you please ID it for me? I do wish she’d change her hair colour to a rich glossy brown though.

  7. And grown up women, please do not wear Thavani (half sarees), it just looks plain irritating and unbecoming, like a 7 year old dressing up like a diva in high heels and pageant wear.

  8. Not sure if anyone else noticed but some of the comments above seem rigged as if they were written by the same person with different names. There is a definite pattern to it. PnP, may be you can filter them out?

  9. Yeah!!!! Found the same pattern even in Deepika’s responses with comments like “girl crush” and “stunning ” being repeated over and again

  10. Gosh – some of the comments above sound absolutely fake and atrociously rigged. Just for the record, no one is buying! We blog dosts and regulars by now know real and fake comments that have been planted by folks with vested interests (like we can by now almost spot a fake “Monisha Jaisingh”..sorry, couldnt help : ))

  11. I didn’t even look at her outfit… But I did notice her hair n makeup..thank god for her PR to find her a new makeup artist as last one made her look like a witch with a golden stick!!!


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