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Gauri and Tania both may have sported the vests at the Bandra 190 event but each managed to make the look very different with a few finishing touches. While the former chose a white on white color scheme with a printed vest from her Satya Paul collection, the latter chose a grey paillette vest to go with her black denims.

Between the Chanel brooches and the oversized red Tom Ford clutch, I shouldn’t quite like Tania’s look but I don’t mind it. Maybe because I like Gauri’s look even less. A sleek ponytail and Gauri would’ve won had my vote. As is though, the middle parted hairdo and the smoky eyes felt too heavy duty.

Whose vest look do you like better?


Gauri Khan and Tania Deol at Avinash Punjabi Store Launch at Bandra 190


Gauri Khan and Tania Deol at Avinash Punjabi Store Launch at Bandra 190

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  1. I think Gauri looks fabulous in her own right. I don’t know why in theory, a sleek ponytail would be ideal but here I like her hair open.. It sort of goes well with the zebra vibe (reeewooorr) and I Iike how she did her eyes… I have no complains – Gauri gets my vote! safe but better one of her appearances.

  2. Gauri would look nice except forthat horrendous hair color that she has been sporting for decades now. It ages her so much and makes her look rather haggard and exhausted. She should get a short sleeker haircut and change some color. Wish she’d go to a different hairstylist just once!

  3. Seriously?! You don’t see those horrendous brooches on that sequinned vest! Its ridiculous.

    Not that I like Gauri and her permanently oily makeup, but she looks better anyday!!

  4. I feel like I am constantly seeing Gauri in a white tee with a vest. I do love her eye makeup, but she really just need to get rid of those highlights. She has such amazing bone structure, but that hair color distracts from everything!


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