Fugly Fashion At MTV Lycra Style Awards

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MTV along with Lycra had its Style Awards show. The red carpet though had a different “style” story to tell! Look and read on!

Exhibit No. 1

Kim Sharma in this gold sheath dress, which would have looked great except that firstly, her skin color bra is showing and secondly, you can even make out the cup lining of the bra, which is way below the bust line of the dress!

Exhibit No. 2

Kim Sharma’s good friend Preeti Jhangiani wearing a gold sequin dress. Too bad the “Arm Candy (Parveen Dabas)” is also pretty shabbily dressed. Maybe if he weren’t, he would have drawn our eyes away from her ghastly outfit.

Exhibit No.3

Sophie Chaudhry in this off-shoulder dress. It would have made for a pretty good outfit until Sophie’s paunch decided to hog the limelight away from her!

Exhibit No. 4

Ms India Gul Panag, who decided to match her skirt color with her bra!! Sheeesh!

Exhibit No. 5

Another Ms India, Pooja Batra, in this awful green outfit. Who wears clothes with ribbon details in this day and age!

Hopefully next time, it will be much better around…

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  1. LOL … I bet your friends get real nervous around you :)

    But yeah, what the hell was Gul thinking. As for Pooja Batra, nobody looks at her these days anyway.

  2. @ Sudeep
    We would have a hard time picking the winners for them! There are so many offendors!

    @ saltwater blues
    The friends don’t have to worry. Now, if they were being photographed daily and making money of of being in the limelight, then they would have something to worry about!


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