Freida In Marchesa. Again.

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At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Frieda walked the red carpet in a blue Marchesa gown accessorizing with a Roger Vivier Clutch and Martin Grant jewels.

Boy, are we glad to see her back in the groove! We love it, do you?

Via Just Jared

P.S. You can see her in Marchesa at the Dubai Film Festival here.


Freida Pinto at Screen Actors Guild Awards


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    i love that her face never appears caked and how fresh she looks every time..
    shes one of the few who looks so gorgeous without 50 kilos of makeup.. and that gown is so classy..the colour suits her complexion a lot!

  2. This was the only chance for Freida to be on stage because even though SM will win the Oscar for best movie she may not be able to speak due to so many people on stage at that time…therefore, the SAG awards was THE last time for her to share the stage but she very much dissappointed by NOT wearing traditional Indian outfit. I did like this dress but she would’ve looked very different and beautiful I’m sure if she’d worn a saree or a kurta. but anyways, i was disappointed.

    Anil kapoor’s speech was great! very humble and genuinely thankful…did you notice how he touched Sir Anthony’s feet while ascending the stage? that was sweet of him. i’m happy for the whole SM team even though a little bummed that Gran Torino did not get any nominations….

    Gran Torino – a MUST watch movie you guys! it will touch the core of your heart and to say that Clint Eastwood is Fantastic is an understatement! PLS GO WATCH GRAN TORINO!! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

  3. Rashmi, she might “go ethnic” for the BAFTAs in a couple weeks over in London. The British after all are much more used to the Indian look, and she did wear a sari for the London Film Festival.

    That said, LOVE this dress, and her face looked absolutely perfect. In close-up pictures she’s honestly breathtaking.

  4. LOVE the dress, the makeup is perfect, very simple pulled back hair, and she didn’t overaccessorize. this girl is simply BREATHTAKING!!!
    im a sucker for simple, understated, but elegant looks. she rocks it!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it!
    I too believe in simplicity, and I love how she let the gorgeous dress shine and I also love the colors she picks to compliment her skin tone
    I don’t think there is anything wrong with her not going ethnic; honestly, if I had to pick between a saree like the last one she wore, and a Marchesa gown- the Marchesa would win, hands down

  6. The color suits her complexion really well and her minimal makeup is fantastic and the gown is great. Her smile looks so damn genuine in everrrry freakin’ snap. How does she do it? Always radiant… (yes, if you haven’t figure out already I have a girl crush on her)

  7. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! She is so stunning. Love her smile!! That color is so beautiful. And my 3 most gorgeous ladies- kate, angelina and freida were wearing my fav color BLUE. Blissssssss!!

  8. She looked lovely at the awards. Just perfect. Loved that both she and Anil gave a shout out to the kids, who deserved being there as much as any of them.
    Beautiful gown, lovely colour. Very classy make-up too.

  9. Absolutely loved her last night.. there’s something about this women, her appearance radiates the fact that she is more than just good looks! And the color of the dress, so unique and looked fab on her.. Going by her ethnic looks in SD India premiere, I think she did fine sticking to an evening gown :|

  10. this gurl has got sum bucks wid de movi… she’s doin really well with her appearances n m in LLLLLUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV with this dress….its actly de colour dat i think is rare…

  11. Love her! She’s beautiful and her make is perfect. The colour of the dress is wonderful on her, but to me the gown look a couple of sizes too large. Either that or the waist is sitting very high. She’s a pretty tiny person but there’s basically no definition of her torso in this dress making her look quite wide (at least in these angles).


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