Freida In Marchesa

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She has acknowledged to loving Marchesa and now we see Freida in a Marchesa strapless gold number.

Love it or hate it?


Left: Freida Pinto, Dubai International Film Festival
Right: Marchesa, Resort 2009


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  1. Not really liking the dress. The bodice is nice but the bottom part is plian blah…..and it looks kind of blah on Freida..Marchesa has so many other gorgeous designs, I wish she would have opted for something else.

  2. I think she wears that dress about as well as that dress can be worn..given the draping of the dress. This girl has great style — love the shoes too. Wish she had worn her hair down and loose just to offset the bottom of that dress.

  3. the dress on the right, on the model, has nice pilates (don’t know how to spell pleates or pilates?) and the color is darker yellow with a shine to it, the one on Frieda looks like a bad version of that dress with cotton like skirt and very ugly cut at the bottom of the skirt

  4. i simply adore her..she looks gorgeous in every her dress… she picks it right and wears it right with perfect and matching accersories..i love it

  5. i wish the bottom of that dress didn’t have the staggered cut. or if it had to have a staggered cut, then have it be more wavy that jagged. it looks very stark, in opposition to the light flowy-ness of the rest of the dress.

  6. When you look at this girl, you know for sure Eva Langoria is overrated!!! I can’t wait until entire whole hollywood goes crazy over her!!! Way better than the the overrated bollywood actress who is “world famous”…bleh.

    You go Frieda….I’m watching your movie on the 19th!!!

  7. well duh Eva Longoria is overrated- have you seen “Over My Dead Body”?!
    I DO think Ash is genuinely talented though, and she’s only getting better
    but Freida here is being considered for best supporting, and Slumdog is already nominated for Best Picture at the golden globes
    LOVE Marchesa, love her – and I want to see more B-Wood celebs in genuine western couture

  8. @genie: LOL, you’re so right…Eva Longoria is totally overrated! She’s just got the right hair and make-up at all times.

    Freida always seems to look so fresh and effortlessly stylish. I think she must adhere to Coco Chanel’s theory of “before walking out of the house, look in the mirror and take one piece of accessory off.” Most of our Indian starlets/socialites that end up on this site seem to often be over-accessorized. Freida is gorgeous!

  9. @pdaervo……duh, ofcourse not. I don’t watch crap like that. Chick flicks……the genre I detest the most. It makes me gag. And yes, Eva Langoria is freaking overrated!

  10. Jeez! Eva Longoria can act well, for lord’s sake. This girl just seems to be a good dresser, how much of her acting have we seen??? Infact she was almost non-existent in the movie! We cant just tag her as someone better just coz she’s an Indian!


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