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Love this dress, both on and off the runway…


Left: Cue By Rohit Gandhi And Rahul Khanna, Spring 09
Right: Freida Pinto At ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Press Conference

Photo Credit: Wireimage, Elle

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  1. oh she’s just so cute
    and nice dress too
    everyone says she’s going to be the breakout star of Slumdog (sorry Mr. Kapoor) – good for her

  2. Colour gradiation/graduation technique was first noticed on Prada’s designs some 4 or 5 years back. This is nothing original they have to offer in terms of design except for the silhouette.

  3. the one think i like about frieda is that she wears the dress and the dress doesn’t wear her..i love her choice in clothes, especially since the cuts and sillhuettes are those that even non model/film types can carry off..this dress is very cute, but i’m still drooling over that grey sari that she wore a few weeks back!

  4. Yeah… I agree Frieda is really pretty. There is some fresh emotion of happiness that just shines on her face…

    But her beauty is no surprise to those who have lived in India for years. From the villages to the cities, the inner-grace of the culture just shines in the faces. Beauty is about a feeling.. not fashion..


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