From Runway To Photo Shoot

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Freida features in the March edition of Cosmopolitan India wearing a Christian Dior Spring 2009 strapless dress. The dress was great but her lackluster hair and makeup don’t add anything to the overall look.

The online edition of the March issue isn’t out yet but once it does, we’ll feature it.

Don’t miss Freida in Galliano at the Oscars here.


Left: Christian Dior, Spring 2009
Right: Freida Pinto in Cosmopolitan India March 2009

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  1. heh, freida does the 1000-watt smile better than the sexy siren look. I think this would have looked way better with her smiling.

    Her hair looks too fine and a bit limp n the picture. A little bit of volume would have made it look much better.

  2. I just watched the “after the oscars” interview with Meredith Vierra and the cast of SM and here’s the latest news Frieda will be in the next WOODY ALLEN movie!!!

    btw, the dress she wore at the Oscars was beautiful but I wish it was of different color. the color was similar to the one she wore at the Sag award.

  3. Mischa Barton wore this dress too… couldn’t carry it off though. It was too short, she looked terribly sickly skinny and uncomfortable and the colour didn’t do her any good.

  4. Another BAD photoshopped photo. They lightened one half of the nose and left the other half in the shadow….making ti look like the brightened half of her face is wider than the other half…

  5. I have come to think that Freida looks good only when she smiles. Otherwise, she is pretty ordinary, boring-looking. The designer outfits help, but I don’t find her beautiful.
    She’s in a Woody Allen movie?? Longer than a 5-minute appearance?

  6. why did they do that to her face? :(
    she’s such a pretty girl
    why oh why
    photoshop is meant to make ppl look BETTER not WORSE


    poor freida

  7. This dress in a long version might have looked lovely on Oscar night. Of course, it would have to be done with the right hair, makeup, and a bling ring and bangles/bracelets.

  8. Cosmo, LAY OFF THE PHOTOSHOP. Freida’s face is pretty anyway, and the dress is pretty too- silly magazine just ruined what could have been a good picture.


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