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Freida, who features on Conde Nast Traveler’s latest edition, attended an event on Monday where the magazine celebrated individuals recognized as the 2013 Visionaries.

While her last appearance (in white) was a bit of a letdown, this one was anything but. In the black Pre-Fall Rachel Roy dress, she looked great. Playing off of the gold discs on the dress, she finished out the look with a gold Roger Vivier clutch and cuff but the highlight of the look were those gold accented sandals, also Roger Vivier that am totally in lust with.

You like as well?


Left: RAchel Roy, Pre-Fall 2013
Right: Freida Pinto at Conde Nast Traveler’s Celebration of the 2013 Visionaries

Photo Credit: JustJared

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  1. She looks hot here but I hate the bottom part of the dress. It would’ve been way more chic if the bottom pieces were all one length and the dress was slightly above the knees.

  2. She looks fresh and peachy … love the sandals .. they are definitely lust-worthy ..the gold accents on the dress are fab but the shape is a big meh … !!!however love this look …

  3. Make-up is, as always, flawless.
    btw is that the delectable Ian Somerhalder who has been so mercilessly cropped out? Why oh why P & P?!;)

  4. I usually love Frieda’s fashion choices. This one’s no exception. Those shoes = to. die. for! Is she aiming for just-out-of-the-shower hair, though? And P & P, if Ian Somerhalder stayed in the picture, we wouldn’t complain. ;)

  5. Love this look. I’m so glad she is not jumping the bandwagon of other celebrities in crazy hairstyles, pounds of makeup and bizarre clothes.
    Now this is a dress I want to buy right away along with those sandals.

  6. Oh dear me, Am i the only one who thinks this look falls under ‘Match much’?! The gold accents should have stopped at the dress and jewellery, or just the dress and shoes.

    Too much black/gold going on. Looks rather tacky and dated in my opinion. The look would have been perfect with the black strappy sandals as shown on the model. Thats the only thing bugging me, the gold on the shoes.

  7. somehow I can’t wrap my head around assymmetrical hemlines.. only time i can imagine them looking good is during an awesome outdoor shot print ad on a really tall person with the wind billowing around her legs. Else hanging limp it just looks silly.


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