Ditto. A Day Apart!

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It’s rare that at the same film festival, two personalities wear the same dress. Rarer when the personalities are associated to the same film. We don’t know who (stylist/loaner) screwed up but Freida who stars in Miral and Rula (the writer of Miral) were spotted wearing the same Dolce & Gabbana lace dress just one day apart!

Major screw up aside, who do you like more?

Left: Freida Pinto at Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Day 3
Right: Rula Jebreal at Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Day 4

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. there is something about rula and the way she did her hair, i am liking her more, that might be coz i like tanned skin tone and this dress fits her awesome. freida’s hair, not liking it,and those matchy matchy pointy pumps.

    a question P &P, didnt Gauri Khan also wear the same D&C dress to ravan premier or some function? i think she did wear something like that, same color too,dont remember if it was this or was printed, can u please tell him.

  2. Wow, what a difference a hairstyle makes. That’s the only reason I think Rula photographs better here. I’m definitely taking a lesson from this and putting my hair up when I go strapless.

  3. they are friends.. freida probably loaned it to her coz she obviously wore it first and freida can honestly access any dress she wants. i like freida more. i dont like rula s shoes

  4. the colour is beautiful and it suits rula’s skin tone better.also rula’s collarbones look awesome in this, though don’t like the shoes she has paired it with

  5. Haha – this is HILARIOUS. Maybe they did it on purpose – I can’t see how they wouldn’t have noticed….
    I like Rula’s sense of poise more but I think Freida matched the shoes better.
    I’m surprised with Rula – she looks like she could be a Hollywood star herself!


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